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Larger trucks on Swedish roads


During the spring 2016 the Swedish government will propose trucks with a maximum gross weight of 74 ton. The rationale is to develop road transport into a more environmental and climate efficient. In order to meet coming challenges transport need to become more resource efficient according to the Swedish government.

Source: Miljörapporten 20160112

New legislation on noise and fuels


The New Year involves implementation of new legislation in Sweden. Within transport this year means new taxation on fuels and new noise legislation. The energy tax will increase on petrol and diesel and tax exemption on ethanol will be reduced. Noise legislation will increase the rights for the operator causing noise if the follow their […]

Source: Miljörapporten 20160111

Competition on bio mass for fuels


Air transport develops and strives for use of more renewable fuels which increases completion according to the Swedish Energy agency. The bio mass for renewable air fuels is the same as for the road sector fuelled by diesel. There is already competition on these raw material and if air transport increases their demand it will […]

Source: Miljörapporten 20151215

Global agreement on prevention of climate change


196 countries signed the ambitious agreement in Paris. The agreement is lacking specified reduction targets and guidelines. The agreement is considered to form a platform for further development but lead to a large responsibility for all countries. A contributing factor for achieving the agreement is the rapid technical development and reduced price on renewable energy. […]

Source: Miljörapporten 14 december 2015

Europeans exposed to harmful air pollution


Air pollution shortens people’s lifespan and contributes to serious illnesses such as heart disease, respiratory problems and cancer. It is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe. The European Environment Agency (EEA) estimates that air pollution continues to be responsible for more than 430 000 premature deaths in Europe. Read more

Source: EEA November 30

Analyze national transport performance within the EU


EU publishes a transport scorecard regarding different countries transport performance on various topics. The share of renewable fuels is one. Read more

Source: EU Nov 2015

Electrified roads can save energy


Vehicles on electrified roads use 35% less energy than a truck with conventional propulsion. This was the result in a simulation test, involving 25 truck drivers testing a hybrid driven truck (electric and combustion) and an internal combustion engine driven truck. In the test comprising the same road stretch some 35% less energy was used […]

Source: Miljöpporten October 6

Sea containers by air


Boeing has published a patent for a new generation of cargo aircraft The plane can carry a line of shipping containers in its bottomless belly. Read more

Source: Daily mail September 28 2015

Funding agreed for Global Maritime Energy Efficiency


IMO, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have signed an agreement to allocate US$2.0 million to a two-year global maritime energy efficiency partnership project, which aims to support increased uptake and implementation of energy-efficiency measures for shipping.   The focus is to implement technical and operational measures in developing […]

Source: IMO

US EPA moves towards regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aircrafts


The EPA proposed that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from certain classes of engines used in aircraft contributes to the air pollution and causes climate change according to section 231(a) of the Clean Air Act. At the same time, EPA issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the process for setting international CO2 emissions standards […]

Source: US EPA: EPA Takes First Steps to Address Greenhouse Gases from Aircraft Engines (PDF) (4 pp, 167K, EPA- 420-F-15-023, June 2015)

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