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Energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide stalled


According to analysis by International Energy Agency (IEA), the energy-related emissions of CO2 stalled for the second year in a row as the use of renewable energy surged. These preliminary figures confirm last year’s news of global CO2 emissions levels staying flat. According to IEA this indicates a decoupling of greenhouse gas emissions from economic […]

Source: IEA

Electric robot for home delivery


A self-driving home delivery robot is presently being launched. The robot runs at a speed of 6.5 km per hour and carries 9 kg. The aim is to support the growing e-commerce through a cheap solution for consumer home delivery. The robot will carry out the last transport link which is often the most expensive […]

Source: Conlogic 20160315

Analyses – Aviation in focus


There is an increasing demand on reduction of environmental and climate impact from aviation. One reason is that aviation was not included in the climate agreement signed in Paris in 2015. This has led to requirements on the air industry themselves to introduce measures for climate gas emission reduction. This is not an easy task as […]

Source: Conlogic 2015/10/3

Super truck II


In order to push manufacturers, the US Department of Energy announced its SuperTruck II initiative aiming to improve heavy-duty freight efficiency by more than 100 percent over the most fuel efficient tractor-trailer from 2009. Read more

Source: CCJ 20160302

Legal requirements updated


Swedish legal requirement and routines has been updated. Updates is shown in the change log.

Source: Conlogic

Airbus launches a new fuel efficient aircraft


Airbus launches the new A320Neo that is a development of previous A320. Through new engines and new design of wings, fuel consumption is reduced by 20 percent per seat. Noise level is also reduced.  

Source: SVD 2016-01-27

Modest concern on climate and environmental risks


According to the CEO survey carried out by PwC prior to World Economic Forum in Davos risk related to climate and environment is considered the least serious out of 11 threats. More severe threats are more complicated regulations, geopolitical instability and uncertain exchange rates. Read more

Source: Miljörapporten 20 januari 2016

Mandatory reporting of non-financial information within the EU


An open consultation on the directive requiring companies to report non-financial information within the EU is now open until April 15 this year. The directive is to be implemented in national legislation during the year. Read more

Source: Miljörapporten 20160119

Larger trucks on Swedish roads


During the spring 2016 the Swedish government will propose trucks with a maximum gross weight of 74 ton. The rationale is to develop road transport into a more environmental and climate efficient. In order to meet coming challenges transport need to become more resource efficient according to the Swedish government.

Source: Miljörapporten 20160112

New legislation on noise and fuels


The New Year involves implementation of new legislation in Sweden. Within transport this year means new taxation on fuels and new noise legislation. The energy tax will increase on petrol and diesel and tax exemption on ethanol will be reduced. Noise legislation will increase the rights for the operator causing noise if the follow their […]

Source: Miljörapporten 20160111

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