Conlogic is a privately owned public company with two business areas.

Business concept
We develop, produce, and sell services and products for our customers within our business areas. By listening to our customers need we can offer the right services and products and keep our promises.

Policy for sustainable development
Our aim is to:

  • Custom oriented and based on our significant aspects within safety, quality, environment and working environment carry out preventive actions and continuously improvements through an active cooperation with our customers, suppliers and our important stakeholders.
  • Fulfil existing legislation and other demands that affect our activities.
  • Establish and follow up objectives and actions in our management system in order to enhance continuous improvements.

Established December 2003

Management system
Our own management system is carried out within the framework of our Internet service that is offered to our customers. The system includes the establishment of significant aspects, objectives and follows up.

Our offer

Our offers have their basis in our vision of a working culture based on ” Creative Progress”. Through  implementation committment and responsibility we try to stimulate innovative thinking and create new ideas that lead to real and tangible progress in the solutions we deliver to our customers.

Conlogic offers consultative services through: