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Report summary – Biofuels impact on food supply

The Biofuel Directive, launched in 2003 by the EU enables production of ethanol through fermentation of grains and sugars, and biodiesel through transesterification of vegetable oils. Biofuels is an important part of the EU aim of de-carbonizing transport. Concerns has however been raised that usage of food commodities for energy could increase food prices and […]

Source: Transport & Environment

Legal requirements update

Swedish legal requirement and routines has been updated. Updates is shown in the change log.

CO2-emissions reduction scheme for EU shipping is launched

The European Maritime Safety Agency announced the launch of the monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system that aims to support CO2 reduction within EU shipping operation. THETIS-MRV goes live on August 7 and is the first of several steps to reduce greenhouse gases from the maritime sector. The system enables operators calling EU ports to […]

Source: EMSA

Our offer

Our offers have their basis in our core value” Creative Progress”. Through implementation responsibility we try to stimulate innovative thinking and create new ideas that lead to real and tangible progress in the solutions we deliver to our customers.Being close and in a continuous dialogue with our customers are key success factors in this process.

Conlogic offers two types of services:

Elektric golf cart for weekend transport, photovoltic charged in the weeks
Zero emission (elsewhere) vehicle in San Fransisco
Electric truck for city distribution in the Netherlands
Electric propulsion is one of several solutions for sustainable transport
Electric cycle for local distribution
Future filling up alters the mindset
Cargo ferries to the Stockholm archipelago
Home delivery of food to island in the Stockholm archipelago
Older american truck
Oil tanker for the Baltic sea with maximum size and highest safety class and ice breaking  abilities
Electric car for local island transport
Classic pump for petrol
Lighthouses supporting navigation on inland waterways
Winter ice challenges professional and private sea transport
Rebuilt former East German shunting train
Unexpected traffic dangers
Reach stacker an 40 feet containers
Bulk transport by road
Water tower supplying former steam locomotives
Inland port outside Berlin
Loading a swap body through a hooklift
German shunting train
Coal loading device for former steam locomotives