Perspectives on global introduction of biofuels

At present we are assessing best knowledge on the development of biofuels. The work is time consuming and under constant change. The aim is to produce a valid short and easy to understand summary. This will come eventually but it still needs some weeks of work. It will also require contiuous updates onwards. Until it is ready we will share general findings that may not fit in the final summary bit still gives some valid perspectives and understanding of the topic;

The coming update of the Renewable Energy Directive proposed by the European Commission suggests a phase out of crop based biofuels during the period 2020 onwards, allowing a cap of 3.2% by 2030 and a complete phase out of 1st generation of biofuels some years after 2030. The proposal also proposes an increase of advanced biofuels from present 1.5% to 6.8% by 2030.

According to IEA (International Energy Agency), biofuels was in total 1.6 mboe (million barrels of oil equivalents) in 2015. Renewable Fuels Association, (RFA) reports that the global production of ethanol fuel was 97.2 million m3 (Mm3) where USA produced 58% (56 Mm3) Brasilia produced 26.8 Mm3 (28%) i.e. 85% in total of all ethanol for fuels.

The global production of FAME in 2015 was 23.7 Mm3. USA produced 4.8 Mm3 (20%). The second largest producer was Brasilia by 4.1 Mm3 (17%). The global production of HVO in 2015 was 5 Mm3.  The global production of biofuels in total was 126 Mm3 in 2015.

Source: SPBI Branschfakta 2017

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