Electrified semi-trailers reduces fuel consumption

Since a few years’ time the opportunity and benefit of introducing a separate electric motor and batteries in semi-trailers, supporting the tractor pulling the vehicle has been discussed. Preliminary studies indicated a 10-15% saving in fuel consumption. Now, as these vehicles enter the market and are tested large scale more fact-based result become available. A shipper in the south of Germany reported fuel savings around 10%. DB Schenker recently carried out a test in France in cooperation with Trailer Dynamics and Krone Commercial Vehicle Group where the fuel savings were significant and varied between 24 and 55 %! These semi-trailers were equipped with an electric motor that can be supplied by batteries of 300, 450 or 600 kWh, depending on range requirements. The climate benefits must be evaluated from case to case depending on electricity origin. Independently of the climate gains, the huge fuel savings and it´s compatibility with present transport systems will surely render the solution a swift and substantial market penetration.

Source: Conlogic and DB Schenker

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