Sustainable Logistics Management

Sustainable Logistics Management acts as a consultant within the area sustainable logistics. By sustainable logistics we mean:

Logistics that reach or aims to improve financial and environmental performance meanwhile shouldering a social responibility. For companies active within the logistics field this offering the right services with good quality, minimizing negative environmental impact and actively reducing risks for accidents and develop human values within and outside the company.

Consultancy services

We support development of more sustainable transport logistics. Our services are offered as common consulting at an houerly rate. The customers acts within transport logistics, trade, manufacturing and authorities.

Web services

The abbreviation for our web services are Suloma. Services are provided through a subscription. At present our e-services are:

General services

News and analyses

Swedish environmental legislation

A service that includes transport logistics in Sweden

Our offer

Our offers have their basis in our vision of a working culture based on ” Creative Progress”. Through  implementation committment and responsibility we try to stimulate innovative thinking and create new ideas that lead to real and tangible progress in the solutions we deliver to our customers.

Conlogic offers consultative services through: