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Binding reduction targets for CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles


The 18th of October the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) in the European Parliament voted on new binding reduction targets for CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. CO2 emissions from trucks represent 25% of total road traffic CO2 emissions and 6% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. With no action this is […]

Source: European Parliament

Volvo launches an autonomous electric semi-trailer tractor


Volvo recently presented their new product Vera, an autonomous and connected electric driven tractor. Its use is in freight centres where frequent and short distance transport of unified transport units is a common operation. The vehicles are designed to locate their position within centimetres, analyse what is happening with other road users, and thereafter respond […]


Study for more efficient and more climate smart transport in Sweden


The Swedish Government have decided to initiate three separate studies in order to enhance freight transport operations being more efficient and emitting less greenhouse gases. For these reasons the Swedish Government wants to evaluate if longer trucks should be allowed and how to stimulate the number of heavy duty trucks running on fossil free fuels. […]

Source: Swedish Government

New service for sales of reports and books in pdf-format


Today Conlogic launches a new service where offer the possibility to buy the book “Transportlogistik och miljö” (Transport logistics and environment, presently only in English) through our web site. The book is delivered immediately as a pdf-file  simultaneously as an invoice is generated  to the receiver. In the book a watermark defines the owner of this specific copy […]

Source: Conlogic

CO2 emission ceiling from heavy-duty vehicles


Lorries, buses and coaches emit around a quarter of the CO2 emissions from road transport in the EU which is some 6% of the EU’s total CO2 emissions. In order to curb these emissions, a proposal to enforce a CO2 emission standard for heavy-duty vehicles was launched by the EU Commission on May 17 2018. […]

Source: EU Commission

Perspectives on global introduction of biofuels


At present we are assessing best knowledge on the development of biofuels. The work is time consuming and under constant change. The aim is to produce a valid short and easy to understand summary. This will come eventually but it still needs some weeks of work. It will also require contiuous updates onwards. Until it […]

Source: SPBI Branschfakta 2017

Checklist for waste handling in accordance with Swedish law.


A brief checklist, 10 B for fulfilment of Swedish environmental legislation on waste handling is now added in routine 10 as supporting information on this subject. Note, only in Swedish.

Source: Conlogic

Checklist for environmental assessment in Swedish law


A brief checklist for fulfilment of Swedish environmental legislation, chapter 6 is now added in routine 23 as complementary information on this subject. Note, only in Swedish.

Source: Conlogic

Consequences of the chapter 6 update in Swedish environmental legislation


Only relevant in Swedish. See analysis in the Swedish news.

Source: Conlogic

Renewable energy directive development impacts on biofuels


Within the EU there is a common view that biofuels based on crops may lead to a competing situation where food production will drive a higher feedstock price i.e. increasing food prices. As a consequence this may also lead to an increasing number of oil palm tree plantations and related deforestation in these regions. In […]

Source: Conlogic

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